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When it comes to looking after the legal requirements for you and your business, you want to ensure that the advice you receive is accurate, timely and will help you achieve the best results possible, for your organisation...

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When it comes to looking after the legal needs for yourself and your family, you want to ensure that the advice you receive is the best available and is value for money...

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Our focus has always been (and always will be) on the needs of our clients.

The range of legal services we provide is comprehensive, and our areas of specialist expertise compliment each other to provide a full range of services with two distinct focuses – Business & Industry Law and Personal Law, to meet all of your needs entirely.

McKays is a proactive legal practice focused on the real needs of our clients. Our people are at the cutting edge of their diverse fields and are passionate about what they practice. We provide clients with no-nonsense, practical advice for real results.

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  • At last! The new laws regarding casual workers


    On 22 March, the long-awaited changes to the Fair Work Act (FW Act) in relation to casual employees were passed. Since the recent Federal Court decisions of Workpac Pty Ltd v Skene* and Workpac v Rossato**,employers have been exposed to “double dipping” claims by casuals for permanent entitl..

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  • New smoke alarm laws – things that you should know


    Whether you: are buying or selling a house, already own a house that you live in, are building or substantially renovating a house, or own investment properties, you should make sure you are aware of the current and upcoming Smoke Alarm Laws. From 1 January 2017, ..

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  • Employer liability for intentional harm by a manager


    Highlighting the breadth of an employer’s responsibility for bullying at work, Allianz has been held liable by a NSW court for the deliberate actions of a senior manager who verbally and physically bullied a claimant for over 14 months, even though the court found that Allianz was not negligent[..

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  • Proposed new laws to affect employers of casual workers


    The Federal Government has announced a new Bill with significant changes to industrial law including: changes to casual employment: a definition of casual employment; criteria for when employers must offer permanent employment; and anti-double dipping provisions by which employers can..

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