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When it comes to looking after the legal requirements for you and your business, you want to ensure that the advice you receive is accurate, timely and will help you achieve the best results possible, for your organisation...

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When it comes to looking after the legal needs for yourself and your family, you want to ensure that the advice you receive is the best available and is value for money...

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Our focus has always been (and always will be) on the needs of our clients.

The range of legal services we provide is comprehensive, and our areas of specialist expertise compliment each other to provide a full range of services with two distinct focuses – Business & Industry Law and Personal Law, to meet all of your needs entirely.

McKays is a proactive legal practice focused on the real needs of our clients. Our people are at the cutting edge of their diverse fields and are passionate about what they practice. We provide clients with no-nonsense, practical advice for real results.

We have member offices in Mackay, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Surat Basin providing a range of legal services with expertise.

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Our offices hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.  If your matter requires urgent attention please contact our out of hours emergency contact number on 0407 860 938.  

Latest News

  • What happens if I am charged with drink driving?


    Penalties for drink driving charges are not all black and white, with many other factors determining fines and disqualifications. Pursuant to the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 (Qld) there are different level’s of drink driving. You can be charged with any of the ..

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  • Christmas is fast approaching. Have you got an arrangement in place for the children to spend time with each parent?


    There are various options available for children to spend time with each parent over Christmas. If you live close by one another, the most common option is for the children to spend the morning with one parent and the afternoon with the other parent. However, some families prefer to do a ‘year a..

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  • Fire Affected Farmers Eligible for Assistance


    The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (“DAF”) and Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (“QRIDA”) have announced assistance packages for those Primary Producers affected from the recent fires that occurred between 30 November to 6 December in our region. These Primary Pr..

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  • The copyright percentage rule


    There is a common, and potentially very costly, misconception that changing a copyright protected work by 10% (or any other percentage for that matter) or only reproducing a smaller proportion of a protected work will mean that one can avoid liability for copyright infringement. This i..

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