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  • How protected is your intellectual property?


    You recognise the value in the name of your business as well as your logo, client list, etc. What have you done to protect it? We have had a number of clients recently who have not paid enough attention to their intellectual property (“IP”) and this has landed them in some sticky situation..

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  • Fair Work Commission rules to reduce Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for some workers


    The long awaited decision by the Fair Work Commission was handed down yesterday as part of its 4 yearly review of awards and penalty rates. The FWC decided to reduce Sunday penalty rates and public holiday penalty rates in awards covering the hospitality, retail, fast food and pharmacy sectors. ..

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  • Where do you sit in the Hierarchy?


    Training, signage and personal protective equipment (PPE) are some of the more visible and “go to” risk control measures adopted throughout workplaces. These types of controls are often the first that come to mind because they are more visible, more easily recognised and easier to implement ..

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  • Demands by Liquidators – Unfair Preference Payments


    With the recent liquidations of a number of building companies, it is timely to discuss what can happen when a Liquidator attempts to claw back money paid by that company as an unfair preference payment. The Corporations Act 2001 provides the basis for all claims of unfair preferences. Thank..

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  • Terms and Conditions – Get friendly with your Fine Print


    If you are setting up a new business or reviewing your day to day practices for an existing business, it’s important not to forget to update your terms and conditions or terms of trade. Many businesses that supply goods or services rely heavily on their terms and conditions as the first port..

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  • Former employees “stealing” staff and customers on the rise… How employers can fight back


    It seems like every week we hear a new story where a business owner has had a former employee either: Steal their customers; Steal their staff; or Steal their systems or other intellectual property. In some cases, customers, staff and intellectual property have all been targeted. ..

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  • Signing on the dotted line - the importance of finalising a property settlement


    It's not unusual for a client to have a "rough" idea or even have reached an informal agreement with their former spouse as to how their property settlement might be finalised. When there are significant investments, businesses and various structural entities, parties often reach agreeme..

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  • Top Legal Tips to kick off 2017 with a bang!


    Happy New Year from the team at McKays! Now that the silly season has passed, it is time to get down to business and put in place goals for a successful 2017. The New Year is a great time to reflect on the year gone by, but also plan for the year(s) ahead. Here are our top legal tips..

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  • Queensland passes the Industrial Relations Bill 2016


    Last week, the Queensland Parliament passed the Industrial Relations Bill 2016. This Bill is to commence operation in early 2017, as the Industrial Relations Act 2016 (IRA 2016). The IRA 2016, repeals and replaces the current Industrial Relations Act 1999. In doing so it mostly adopts the ex..

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  • Recent changes have expanded the scope of the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme (QBCC insurance scheme)


    These changes largely benefit consumers and will require some contractors to pay premiums for building works which they have never had to pay for before. What are the changes to the Home Warranty Scheme? The QBCC insurance scheme has been expanded to include coverage for the following w..

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  • Servicing and Tuning of SMSF Deeds


    Just like your car needs servicing, your clients’ self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trust deeds may be in dire need of a service. SMSF trust deeds are like the “rule book” for the SMSF. They are the document that stipulates what the trustees of the fund can and cannot do. If a SMSF dee..

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  • Legislative amendment puts employers at risk for personal injury claims from child sexual abuse


    A recent and important legislative amendment in Queensland removed the limitation period for actions for damages for personal injury resulting from child sexual abuse. This reform is particularly relevant to employers who could be vicariously liable to victims who, as a result of the employer’s ..

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