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  • The coming family and domestic violence leave is a new entitlement your business will likely have to manage


    The Fair Work Commission will include family and domestic violence leave into almost all modern awards. The details are currently being finalised. Why? Some employers may ask why, when they are trying to operate a commercial business, they are expected to share responsibility for this s..

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  • Practical completion and service under security of payment legislation


    A New South Wales security of payment case could be an indicator of how Queensland security of payments legislation may be interpreted by the Queensland courts. For a payment claim to be valid there must be a reference date… The High Court, in its first decision dealing with..

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  • Succession Planning for Farmers: Part One - To transfer or not to transfer – When is the right time?


    As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!” This too applies to succession planning for farmers For all the baby boomers out there, your retirement plans and succession planning may be (or perhaps should be) already in order. Some of you may have this on y..

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  • What changes to labour hire laws really mean


    As published in the Daily Mercury on 15 March 2018. IN JUST over four weeks, it will be an offence to provide labour when unlicensed or to engage labour from an unlicensed provider. A breach of this new law carries series penalties, such as fines potentially in excess of $300,000 ..

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  • Six figure fine for employer


    Six figure fine for wages exploitation of a young worker and for failure to keep records for 3 months The Fair Work Commission has fined a director $21,500 and his company $100,000 for “an outrageous exploitation of a young worker”. A second year apprentice plumber worked more than..

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  • Medical Law Talk - February 2018


    Welcome Welcome to the first edition of Medical Law Talk - a publication aimed at providing medical practitioners with regular legal updates related to the medical field. In each edition, we will provide a summary of the latest Medical Negligence cases as well as other information relevant t..

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  • Were you and are you paying your apprentices correctly?


    A recent decision of the Full Federal Court of Australia may have a significant impact on your business. The effect of the decision is that Queensland employers that have used a “NAPSA” (explained below) to calculate their apprentices’ pay rate have potentially underpaid their apprentices. The e..

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  • Renting out equipment? Think PPSR.


    Do you lease equipment (either formally or informally) to clients and friends? What about that cement mixer or excavator you let your mate borrow over a year ago? If yes, you need to consider the Personal Property and Securities Register (“PPSR”) to ensure you are able to get your equipment..

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  • Labour Hire Licensing Update - When you must apply


    Queensland labour hire businesses should be aware of the new labour hire licensing scheme commencing in 2018. Here is the latest information on when the scheme begins to apply and how to apply for a licence. When will the scheme begin to apply? The Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 commenc..

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  • Would your contract hold up in Court?


    Legislation relating to unfair contract terms for small businesses has, to date, generally been untested. However, a recent case against waste management solutions company, JJ Richards and Sons, shows these laws have real ‘teeth’, with eight terms of a contract being deemed unfair and unenforcea..

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  • What You Need to Know about the New Industrial Manslaughter Laws


    In October the Queensland Parliament, Labor with the help of the Katter Party, passed the industrial manslaughter amendments into law and commenced on 23 October, 2017. The new laws broaden responsibility for workplace related deaths and substantially increase the potential penalty. The new ..

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  • Your legal checklist for the holiday season


    It’s now officially 25 sleeps until Christmas! …and many of you are probably looking forward to heading off on holidays! Most people think about the usual travel essentials, like what to pack and getting vaccinations, but many forget to ensure important legal matters are taken care o..

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