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  • Protecting Your Invention or Great Idea


    The region’s METS sector is known for its great innovation to improve productivity and sustainability. In fact, many local businesses have registered patents to protect their ideas. The Australian Patent Office is currently receiving 30,000 standard patent applications each year. There h..

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  • Are You at Risk of Losing Millions Overnight?


    Local companies have literally lost millions of dollars of equipment overnight in the collapse of Caledon’s Cook Colliery mine. This is a scary reminder of the importance of correctly registering on the Personal Property Securities Register. It is a cut throat system and ownership means no..

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  • Separation & Bankruptcy


    The property interests of creditors and non-bankrupt spouses often conflict, and although legislative changes have been made to alleviate this tension complications still arise between these competing interests. It is extremely important for advisors (bankers, accountants, financial planners, et..

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  • Dangers of the Deep Web


    Did you know that what you see through searching on Google or Yahoo is only about 4% of the content on the world wide web? The other 96% exists in the ‘invisible web’ or the ‘deep web’. The deep web are parts of the world wide web where the content is not indexed, so not picked up by standa..

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  • Industrial Manslaughter legislative amendments and their relevance for you


    Recently, the Queensland Parliament (Labor with the help of the Katter Party) passed the proposed industrial manslaughter amendments into law. The amendments broaden responsibility for workplace related deaths and substantially increases the potential penalty. The new offence of industrial m..

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  • Unsent Text Message Accepted As Valid Will


    An unsent text message found on a deceased man’s phone has been declared by the Queensland Supreme Court to be his valid Will. The text message was addressed to the man’s brother, and contained details about how he wanted his assets to be dealt with on his death. The man (who took his own l..

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  • Are competitors using the internet to ‘steal’ your customers? It’s more common than you might think


    If you get work from your good local reputation or the web, don’t be surprised if a competitor is using the internet to covertly steal your work and in the process, potentially damaging your reputation. In the last two months McKays has had 3 contractor clients seek advice about unlawful int..

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  • Google Rankings and Another Reason for a Trade Mark


    Want to improve your Google ranking? You need to be careful how you, and your web designer, go about this or you could find yourself in a Federal Court case such as the one below… One of the strategies used by businesses and their website designers to improve their ranking in interne..

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  • The most effective and misunderstood tool for employers to eliminate the risk of unfair dismissal claims… guaranteed!


    To their own emotional and out of pocket cost, many employers do not understand the ‘minimum employment period’ that applies to their employees… That statement is proven by the regularity of enquiry we receive from employers about how to manage the risks of dismissing an employee whos..

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  • Girlfriend receives $350k instead of young children – What, Why and How?


    You may have heard in the news recently about Daniel Leverton, a young man who died unexpectedly. Various people have expressed outrage over the fact that his girlfriend of nine months ended up with around $350,000.00 of his superannuation and life insurance, while his two young daughters only r..

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  • QBCC changes tune on defective work


    The QBCC has recently released a statement confirming their approach to defective building works and the issuing of Directions to Rectify. Whilst it is good news when the QBCC clarifies their position on such an issue, this particular news may not be good for builders. QBCC may now..

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  • The penalty increase is on


    In March of this year, we reported on an important decision about increased work health and safety fines in Queensland. This followed the District Court of Queensland’s decision in Williamson v VH & MG Imports Pty Ltd [2017] QDC 56. In that decision, the District Court of Queensland held tha..

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