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  • Time to renew your trademark? Be warned of fake invoices


    Fraudsters are targeting small business owners when it is time to renew their trademark by sending false invoices. IP Australia has confirmed that there is an increasing number of reports of this unofficial invoicing. Several of our clients have received these fake invoices. We remind cl..

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  • McKays Solicitors establishes charitable fund


    McKays Solicitors have chosen to support the Mackay Community Foundation through the establishment of a named fund, the ‘McKays Solicitors Charitable Fund’. The directors of McKays proudly share the same ethos as the Foundation to “give where you live”. Each year, the Foundation invest..

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  • Rise in pay rates announced


    The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has today granted a 3% wages increase to award wage workers. The FWC lifted the national minimum wage by $21.60 a week, or 57 cents an hour, to $740.80, or $19.49 an hour. The change will take effect from the 1st July, 2019. The flow on effect to Aw..

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  • Managing “smoko” breaks and the risks arising from smoking in the workplace


    Managing “smoko” breaks and the risks arising from smoking in the workplace remains a troubling issue for many employers. Research in 2013 by the Ohio State University established an average cost to employers of absenteeism alone due to smoking breaks of more than $3,000 per annum, without ..

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  • Is your lender from another country?


    If you are borrowing funds from overseas lenders to purchase property, and they are not in the business of lending money, you will most likely need to seek approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). FIRB is an Australian government advisory board that reviews the purchase ..

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  • Pitfalls with suppliers’ terms and conditions and how to avoid them


    Here is a common scenario we see all the time in the construction industry. You enter into a construction contract which has specifications that require you to install a particular product, for example, a bath, air-conditioning system, a fire collar or whatever. You go out and buy the sp..

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  • The importance of a well written Shareholders Agreement


    When starting a new company, take the time to consider and prepare a detailed Shareholders Agreement as it can help to avoid costly problems in the future. Usually directors and shareholders of a company begin with a shared vision of their new business, however views often change over time. ..

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  • Why Every Farmer Needs a Will…


    It is so important to have a well-drafted Will, in order to ensure that upon your death, your farm, hard earned money, and other assets: a) Pass to the people you want; and b) Support your beneficiaries’ needs (such as a surviving spouse or children) in the way you want ..

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  • Your PPS Registrations may be expiring soon


    We have provided numerous articles (/publications) on the Personal Property Securities Act (“PPSA”) and its importance in protecting your assets and taking and perfecting security over other assets. One of the key components of the PPSA is a 24/7 online Register where you can register and p..

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  • Succession Planning: Part Five – Living Arrangements For Family Members


    During the succession planning process, the situation often arises where the older generation (parents/grandparents/aunts and uncles) want to continue to reside on the farm and live in their home, while the younger generation take on the responsibilities of running the farm. It is important ..

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  • Conflict with a Company’s Constitution


    Setting up a new company is on a superficial level, quick and easy. However, there are intricacies to the incorporation process of which to be aware. When setting up a company many people simply tick the yes box when asked “do you need a Constitution”. However after the company is incorporated, ..

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  • Fire Affected Farmers Eligible for Assistance


    The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (“DAF”) and Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (“QRIDA”) have announced assistance packages for those Primary Producers affected from the recent fires that occurred between 30 November to 6 December in our region. These Primary Pr..

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