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  • Will your contracts meet the new unfair contract laws?


    In just over 8 weeks, amendments to the Australian Consumer Law will take affect and will open the field for certain contractual terms to be challenged by parties negatively affected by standard form contracts or if a party to the contract is a small business. What contracts does this apply..

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  • Want To Use Your Super To Buy Your Cane Farm?


    Want To Use Your Super To Buy Your Cane Farm? Did you know that it may be possible for your superannuation to be used to purchase a cane farm well before retirement age? However, using a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (“SMSF”) to purchase farm land can be complex and it may not b..

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  • Before starting a partnership – read this!


    Going into partnership can be an exciting time! Before you or your clients rush in, here are a few essential questions to ask yourself. 1. Do you have the right structure? People often loosely use the word “partnership” but, as you may know, there are various structures available to people..

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  • Vicarious Liability is now too expensive to ignore


    Ever since the Richardson decision (a decision of Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia) the cost to businesses for vicarious liability for acts by their employees of discrimination, sexual harassment or harassment and bullying can no longer be treated lightly. Until now, the minimal dama..

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  • CPI at record low – Impacting on Landlords’ rental income


    Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we are all interested and impacted by rental increases – it just depends on your perspective. Most non-residential leases (e.g. leases of retail shops, industrial sheds and office buildings) have a mechanism to review the rent each year during the term..

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  • Swearing in the workplace: is it acceptable by law?


    Standards of behavior expected of employees can be a difficult thing to navigate, particularly behavior that leads to termination of employment. Whether words are said in a moment of frustration, to add emphasis to a message, or over a series of events, one thing is clear from recent Fair Work d..

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  • Notional Property - Added Back


    In the difficult times which follow a matrimonial or de facto separation, many people are heard to have asked the question: "I have just separated - would it be a good idea for me to sell the boat and spend the proceeds?", or "I'm thinking of taking $30,000 from our savings account and going on ..

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  • How the election affects employers – Liberal or Labor


    We are all waiting to see who actually wins this election. While we wait, employers can look at what the world might hold for them on the workplace relations front under each party. Labor Government If the Labor Party manages to form Government, the affect on employers will probably lar..

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  • The breakdown of marriage... common tax traps


    Picture this - your client has finally started to get his life back on track after a nasty property dispute with his former wife. An audit by the ATO uncovers the transactions made pursuant to the Family Court Order trigger significant tax consequences for the client. He was not advised of the p..

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  • I don’t have to tell them THAT do I?


    We are often approached by accountants and clients frustrated with the family law disclosure requirements. Clients often say “I don’t want to give them my tax returns, bank statements or payslips - that is a breach of my privacy”. A good understanding of disclosure obligations is impor..

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  • Child support.... are you paying too much?


    When it comes to child support, it’s important to make sure the amount you pay is right for you, and achievable in your circumstances. Often, payers and payees are not aware of their rights to change the amount of child support paid. Some common scenarios where child support can be r..

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