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  • ​Government Offers Grants for Farming Succession Advice


    Do you want half price legal and accounting services when preparing your Wills or transferring your farm onto your children? Succession and estate planning has been one of the biggest challenges faced by primary producers for generations. Passing on control of the family farming business an..

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  • Are SMSF deeds and estate plans ready for the fast approaching superannuation changes?


    You probably have heard about the 2016-17 Budget and related superannuation reforms due to apply from 1 July, 2017. However, you might not have thought about estate plans and trust deed updates. In order to ensure your clients are going to be prepared, you need to read on. Two importan..

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  • To pay or not to pay, that is the question?


    During the recent weather events many businesses shut, resulting in employees being sent home and not being able to return to work for a few days. A question we are hearing from employers is;“Do we have to pay the staff?”. Similarly, we have had friends (employees) ask us, “Isn’t it si..

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  • Tattoos in the workplace


    A recent story carried by many news outlets has put the spotlight on tattoos in the workplace. Chontelle McGoldrick, a 21 year old woman applied for a job with Qantas and Emirates. Her application was rejected because of a small tattoo about 2cm across on her ankle. She was told that if she..

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  • ​After the Cyclone – lost or misplaced livestock


    As the sun shines on another day, we have now all had an opportunity to assess the damage left behind by our unwelcome friend, Debbie! The crop damage is certainly one thing that is being felt hard by farmers. Another thing is those farmers that have also lost livestock, or found livestock ..

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  • Demystifying “pre-nups” in Australian family law


    Hollywood loves a “pre-nup” and often spruiks the idea that when one party has an affair, the pre-nup is declared void or provides for the other party to be compensated. However, pre-nups in the Australian legal context are not exactly like those in Hollywood. So what is a pre-nup and how do the..

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  • Further changes to contracts, tendering and security of payments


    Did you know that the reinstatement of the ABCC has dramatically changed contractual obligations and tendering requirements for Commonwealth funded projects? Did you also know that it impacts on security of payment issues? To date, there has been a great deal of attention placed upon t..

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  • ABCC Guidelines on Compliant Enterprise Agreement


    The ABCC has released new guidance material dealing with various (typical) enterprise agreement clauses used in the construction industry, and identifying whether those clauses will comply with the 2016 Construction Code (Code). Employers in the construction industry that are covered..

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  • Do you Own and Hire Out Goods? Typing in 2 More Digits Could Cost $20+million


    This article highlights how important it is to correctly register your rights over your own property when hiring out equipment on the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR). Near enough is not good enough and ownership is no longer King under the Personal Properties Securities Act 2009 (Ct..

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  • Proposed changes to Building Certification laws in Queensland


    The Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works is currently considering changes to the building certification regime. Under Queensland’s current model, customers can seek certification services from a range of licensed and accredited private building certifiers or from their loca..

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  • ​“Keeping it in the Family” - Expanded Duty Concession For The Transfer Of Family Farms


    There has been a further extension on the transfer duty (more commonly called ‘stamp duty’) concession for the transfer of family businesses of primary production that was released on 23 December, 2016. The great news is that this concession now covers Water Allocations! Before expl..

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  • How protected is your intellectual property?


    You recognise the value in the name of your business as well as your logo, client list, etc. What have you done to protect it? We have had a number of clients recently who have not paid enough attention to their intellectual property (“IP”) and this has landed them in some sticky situation..

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